Jeff Bauer

Born and raised in the Madison area, I grew up working on a tobacco farms and bailing hay in the Stoughton, Wisconsin area. This is where I was taught the importance of a strong work ethic and how necessary it was to have many skill sets.  At just 13 years old, my mom had me building fences, sheds and whatever else we needed. It was from these early childhood experiences that I gained a passion for creativity, building and wood working.

My first business, which resulted in a patent, came from an idea to reduce bright lights in the side view mirror while driving at night.  It was through this experience I learned a great deal about business operations and the importance of good, strong relationships. 

During my career as a machinist I learned the methodical processes and details required to create a desired product.; and that we maintain and build a respectful business, meeting the needs and demands of our customers.  

Throughout both my personal and professional career, I have studied and learned the specific processes of manufacturing and the required detail necessary to produce a quality product.  I’ve carried these skills and crafts into our Bauer Boards business, it is most importance to us.

We work closely with our clients to create their own unique, custom piece. One of our goals is to bring a smile to your face and ours.  We hope we can do this with the one-of-a-kind furniture and accessories we offer.  I look forward to creating something just for you.

Email me: info@bauerboardswi.com

Heather Bauer

I was born and raised right outside of Madison in the small community of Oregon Wisconsin. I was always busy making things as a child whether it was making yarn dolls or bracelets, I was always busy creating something. During the day I work as a Endodontics Dental Assistant, I love it. In my down time I enjoy crafting of all kinds. I especially enjoy sewing, cross stitching, and my favorite, reviving old pieces of furniture. I do all of this will my little sidekick, Beau by my side of course. Now I find myself again on another journey to expand my creativity even further. Being able to work with and learn from my Dad has been amazing and I love being able to be a part of Bauer Boards.

Email me: info@bauerboardswi.com

Beau Bauer

The source of a lot of our laughs comes from this pup. He may look dapper and little but he was meant to be a country shop dog.

He who works with his hands is laborer.

He who works with his hands and his heart is a craftsman.

He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.

St. Francis of Assisi

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